Practical Missionary Bible School (PMBS) is a training program led by Slavic International Association of Ministries “Good Samaritan” from year 2000 to 2010.

This 11 week course was aimed at young people to receive in-depth knowledge of the Bible and train them to become effective missionaries and leaders.

PMBS is unaccredited with any state/national agencies, but is widely recognized among Slavic churches and leaders as one of the best schools that helped develop young adults for ministry.

Vision & Goals

Teach young people to develop their relationship with God through prayer and daily study of God’s Word; to understand the scriptures and apply the Biblical principles into their daily lives.

Help students to reveal their purpose in life, to discover their God given talents and put them into practice through practical ministry and mission opportunities.

Raise leaders to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, train workers for the plentiful harvest (Matthew 9:37), equip this generation to take the gospel around the world.

At PMBS students had the opportunity to:

  • Grow spiritually
  • Gain more knowledge and better understanding of the Word of God
  • Meet and start friendships with students from different states
  • Minister and serve others
  • Meet and study under outstanding teachers
  • Develop confidence and leadership skills
  • Go on a missionary trip to Mexico

School Life:

Classes were held Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Regular school day included

prayer and worship,

5 lectures (50 minutes each),

breakfast and lunch

in-class activities

Out of class activities, outreaches, car washes, evangelism and visits to different churches were included in the program.

Subjects were taught by different teachers every week.

Lessons were either in the Russian or English languages. If necessary, interpretation was provided from English to Russian.

Housing and Transportation

PMBS administration provided housing for students who needed it. Students were placed in a local Christian family. Personal transportation was not required but strongly recommended.


Upon successful completion of the school, each student received a certificate from SIA of Ministries “Good Samaritan” at a formal graduation ceremony.

Students were strongly encouraged to go on a missionary trip after the school for practical ministry. Opportunities were given to join or form a team for a mission trip to Russia, Ukraine, India, Argentina.


One week of the summer training was be spent doing practical ministry in Mexico.