School Life

Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Regular school day includes:

prayer and worship,

5 lectures (50 minutes each),

breakfast and lunch

in-class activities

Out of class activities, outreaches, car washes, evangelism and visits to different churches are included in the program.

Subjects will be taught by different teachers every week.

Lessons will be either in the Russian or English language. If necessary, interpretation will be provided from English to Russian.

Housing and Transportation

PMBS administration provides housing for students who need it. Each student will be placed in a Christian family in the local area.

Personal transportation is not required but strongly recommended. If you have an opportunity to bring your own car, please do so.


Upon successful completion of the school, each student will receive a certificate from SIA of Ministries “Good Samaritan” at a formal graduation ceremony.

Students are strongly encouraged to go on a missionary trip after the school for practical ministry. Opportunities will be given to join or form a team for a mission trip to Russia, Ukraine, India, Argentina.


One week of the summer training will be spent doing practical ministry in Mexico (highly recommended!)