PMBS has changed my life; it has given me a renewed love for God and a deep desire and passion to reach the lost. During this time God has molded and changed my character and has taught me what it really means to put him first in everything. God has given me the great privilege of learning from respected pastors and evangelists on a personal level and I have gained knowledge that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Victoria Barylskaya~ WA

I was stunned by the powerful Word… I found my calling, and the best years of my life that followed started in Practical Missionary Bible School.
Angela Momoyuk ~WA

I am very happy that I attended the Practical Missionary Bible School, it really encouraged me and strengthen my faith in fulfilling all that God called me to be.
Alex Savitskiy ~MN

PMBS was the beginning of my REAL life! I experienced some of the best times with Jesus during that time…
Sveta Anikeyenko ~CA

I learned how to fellowship with God, how to worship Him… over all, I just got a whole different perspective of life.
Alina Lats ~WA

It prepared me for life. The teachers were truly anointed by God!
Elena Parhomchuk ~NY

Post- Graduation

Hi everyone!! …Is your “after Bible School depression” fading off yet? I miss u guys so much, I just wanna buy a plane ticket to WA and start Bible school all over again…!
~Mariyka K.

Hows life in WA? I miss u guys very, very much, I just can’t live without thinking about WA people… God bless you…!
~Nina K.

I miss you all…who is planning on coming back to college next year, please raise your hand (that would be….. my hand)… I hope that you’re all saving money to go on a mission!
~Svetlana K.

You are all so awesome! I love you so much… I hope you are all still burning with God’s fire and happy and excited about life with JESUS! God bless you all! I am praying for you almost every day.
~Yulya Z.